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New Thrice single “Only Us” announcing an interesting album with a lot of diversity!

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It’s time for a little musical publication today to talk about Thrice, my favorite band. I think this information starts to be quite obvious 😉
(You can find the previous articles I made on Thrice albums at the end of the article)
Their new album “Palm” is set to be release the 14th of September (I already pre-ordered it 🙂 ). 10th album for Thrice, it’s amazing. Once again, I think they will surprised us!

The first single “The Grey”, release the 5 of June, was more or lease in the right continuity of the previous albums Beggars and Major/minor. We find the characteristics of the Thrice’s style with a grunge touch, no so brutal like their first album but catchy and quite powerful. It seems they have made an album more dynamic than the previous one that was, in my point of view, a bit too calm.
Your turn to listen 😉

The second single was released the 14th of AugustOnly Us”. Right from the first seconds I have to admit I was somewhat disconcerted. The song starts with synthesizer sounds a bit repetitive, inspired from the 80’s. We think immediately about the new wave style and mostly about the album The Alchemy Index Vol 2 Water. The voice of Dustin is still so impressive, powerful and soft in the same time. The singing comes rapidly, then it’s catches up by distant chorus and finally the guitars and the power of Thrice arrive after 45 seconds. It’s stays soft and calm until 2 minutes and then they release their all potential.
This track is a gem! I’m in love with this song and it’s particular sound.
Your turn to put an ear on that 😉

Even if Only Us is quite surprising during the first seconds, I really enjoyed the track. I think I have listened it almost each day since the release. I really fell on this song the influence of The Alchemy Index mixed with the rock/grunge style of Thrice from their last albums. A song very original, with new and old stuff inside, and after discovering The Grey, those two singles really exciting me about the new album!
Thrice managed to astonish us with each album, renewing their style but keeping their identity. The Grey and Only Us announcing an original album once again. Can’t wait for the 14th of September!

And you, what did you thought about those tracks?

See you soon,

Desmond Andrew Green

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R.I.P. Chris Cornell

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Sad news today when I came back home from the work and learned that Chris Cornell died yesterday at the age of 52 years old 😦
Singer and rhythm guitarist of Soundgarden and Audioslave, he has been found dead in his hotel room in Detroit after performing.
It’s a really sad news, I even thought it was a bad joke. As a big Fan of Soundgarden, Audioslave and also his solo albums, it really hurts me to hear that. One of the last figure of Seattle’s grunge era left us. It’s a sad day.

R.I.P. Chris Cornell

Desmond A.G.
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Richards/Crane shows once again hard-rockers know how to make touching and beautiful songs!

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Album : Richards/Crane (2015)

For this year 2016 I decided to try (yes I said try) to start again to write English translations of my articles 🙂 It will be tough, but I will try to come up with some English article each two weeks! It will be good for me to practice my English writing like this, and in this way I will maybe expand my English speaker followers 😉
So, let’s start with some music! Aaaah music! One of my biggest passion and inspiration
Usually, If I throw myself in the writing process of a new musical article about a band or an album I will never stop to write :p That’s why I decided to try to write small musical articles according the same pattern. Anyway, I would like to be quickest, in the same time providing interesting information and of course with a good criticism, those are my goals 🙂
Let’s start with the first eponym album of the band Richards/Crane!

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« Her », a modern melancholic and poetic love story

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« Her », mysterious title, mysterious poster with only Joaquin Phoenix’s head, everything to catch my curiosity. Produce by Spike Jonze (the one who know this guy before this movie can raise one hand :D) and release in 2013, this movie get a grad really high on Rotten Tomatoes (8.5/10) and it is the same on almost every websites.
So let’s see the trailer to have a first taste of this movie.

The story take place in a close future. Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix) is a solitary and introverted man working for an agency which write personnel words and letters for you family, friends and love, just like it was you holding the pen. Despite his amazing skills to draw with perfection strong feelings for others on paper, he is not capable to do the same for himself, for his life, so his life is sad, without love and only fool of regrets and melancholy. Moreover, due to the divorce demand coming from his child love Catherine (Rooney Mara), Theodore finally let him convince by buying an OS, an operating system, like an A.I. which is really trendy. It is elaborated to adapt and evolved itself according the owner, so in this way you can have someone to talk, breaking the loneliness, someone that can understand you perfectly. He decide that this OS will be a women and she names it(her)self as Samantha (Scarlett Johansson). Theodore is fascinated by Samantha’s skills to adapt and evolved along their endless discussions, in order to be in phase with him. They become more and closer. Samantha became the prefect incarnation of everything he was searching for in a partner, available, paying attention about what he say, about him, always available, curious, interested, sharring same tastes and desires. He will fall in love of her, and thanks to her He will evolved, learn to let go and move one about the past of his life and live back looking strait forward, looking at the future.


For me this movie is a magnificent beauty UFO. I heard a lot about this movie, only good things, but without any special details about the deep story of the movie. Now, after seeing it, I understand better why it was quite difficult to explain in details this movie.
First of all, the poster can be a little bit confusion because you see only the face of Joaquin, it is quite minimalist but you don’t have to be scary 😉 Because this movie really worth the shot. The cast is not too big so in this way you have only good actor with of course Joaquin Phoenix, Scarlett Johanson, Rooney Mara but also Amy Adams, Olivia Wilde and Chris Pratt.
This movie speak about human relations. There is no action at all, no violence, nothing that you can find generally in a blockbuster, and it is really pleasant (I did not say that I do not like those movies, it is just it’s great when you have different types of movies, and with this one it change your movies habits). We are following the main character with attention, everything is calm, without a lot of music, and you just have to focus on the speech and the feeling of the Theodore. I have to admit that the rhythm is slow, but everything move sufficiently rapidly to not be bored. We discovered step by step the past of the character, his personals problems and the event that push him to buy this OS. The producer depict a believable world that could be our close future, sterilized, where human relations would be only behind a screen, cold and impersonal. Jonze managed to draw a poetic cyber-romance between Theodore and Samantha. OS are showed like a solution, an alternative to the human loneliness where they locked them up by themselves.
Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson are almost the only characters on the screen (more or less for Scarlett :p) and they carrying the all movie by themselves. Phoenix is astonishing during all the movie, with a highly sensitive interpretation. He fined his soul mate with Samantha, someone that can listen, laugh, share and take care of him. It is cute, adorable and touching. We are the witnesses of the love bounding Theodore and Samantha, and also the emancipation of Samantha. It is a 22nd century love story touching and we cannot resist.


To conclude about the movie “Her”, I think it is a kind of movie that you like or dislike without intermediate point of view, because it is a non-conventional movie compare to all the actual productions. But if you like love stories, and great actor performance, I can assure you that you will like this movie!
There is a philosophical dimension (with poetry) because Jonze push us to think about the actual relation between people in the society, the people we love, the people that we encounter during our life, and sometimes it is better to be honest with ourselves in order to move one and not being stuck in the past.
I think you understood my point of view, I loved this movie. I have been touched. Joaquin really surprised me with his sensibility. If you asked me to resume this movie with one sentence I will say quite simply « Close your eyes, press the play button and listen » 😉
« Her » deserve a big 18/20, this is a beautiful movie that you have to see!

Desmond Andrew Green


Bow down before The Pale Emperor!

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It’s been awhile seen I shared with you a « Weekly music video », but I am going to fix this mistake! 😉
So here is a small video clip for this week with nothing less than the comeback of Sir Marilyn Manson himself!

marylin manson the pale emperor

Yes, indeed he is back and for our great pleasure! With albums « The Golden Age of Grotesque » and « Eat me, drink me » relatively underwhelming with only few songs getting out of the batch, he managed to put his head out of the water with « The high end of low ». « Born villain » in 2012 marked clearly his resurrection to finally three years later lead to « The Pale Emperor », an album beyond reproach, without mistake and reminding me the great era of the trilogy « Antichrist superstar », « Mechanical animals » and « Holy wood ».
This new LP is rock, melancholic, sick, sad, in summary a pearl 😉 We don’t know where to look with all those amazing tracks like « Killing Strangers », « Depp six », « Third day of a seven day binge », « Worship my wreck » (one of my favorite 🙂 ) or even « Slaves only dreams to be king ».
Enjoy the excellent song « Deep six »! (Weird video clip don’t you think? 😉 )

Desmond A. Green