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New Thrice single “Only Us” announcing an interesting album with a lot of diversity!

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It’s time for a little musical publication today to talk about Thrice, my favorite band. I think this information starts to be quite obvious 😉
(You can find the previous articles I made on Thrice albums at the end of the article)
Their new album “Palm” is set to be release the 14th of September (I already pre-ordered it 🙂 ). 10th album for Thrice, it’s amazing. Once again, I think they will surprised us!

The first single “The Grey”, release the 5 of June, was more or lease in the right continuity of the previous albums Beggars and Major/minor. We find the characteristics of the Thrice’s style with a grunge touch, no so brutal like their first album but catchy and quite powerful. It seems they have made an album more dynamic than the previous one that was, in my point of view, a bit too calm.
Your turn to listen 😉

The second single was released the 14th of AugustOnly Us”. Right from the first seconds I have to admit I was somewhat disconcerted. The song starts with synthesizer sounds a bit repetitive, inspired from the 80’s. We think immediately about the new wave style and mostly about the album The Alchemy Index Vol 2 Water. The voice of Dustin is still so impressive, powerful and soft in the same time. The singing comes rapidly, then it’s catches up by distant chorus and finally the guitars and the power of Thrice arrive after 45 seconds. It’s stays soft and calm until 2 minutes and then they release their all potential.
This track is a gem! I’m in love with this song and it’s particular sound.
Your turn to put an ear on that 😉

Even if Only Us is quite surprising during the first seconds, I really enjoyed the track. I think I have listened it almost each day since the release. I really fell on this song the influence of The Alchemy Index mixed with the rock/grunge style of Thrice from their last albums. A song very original, with new and old stuff inside, and after discovering The Grey, those two singles really exciting me about the new album!
Thrice managed to astonish us with each album, renewing their style but keeping their identity. The Grey and Only Us announcing an original album once again. Can’t wait for the 14th of September!

And you, what did you thought about those tracks?

See you soon,

Desmond Andrew Green

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