Richards/Crane shows once again hard-rockers know how to make touching and beautiful songs!

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Album : Richards/Crane (2015)

For this year 2016 I decided to try (yes I said try) to start again to write English translations of my articles 🙂 It will be tough, but I will try to come up with some English article each two weeks! It will be good for me to practice my English writing like this, and in this way I will maybe expand my English speaker followers 😉
So, let’s start with some music! Aaaah music! One of my biggest passion and inspiration
Usually, If I throw myself in the writing process of a new musical article about a band or an album I will never stop to write :p That’s why I decided to try to write small musical articles according the same pattern. Anyway, I would like to be quickest, in the same time providing interesting information and of course with a good criticism, those are my goals 🙂
Let’s start with the first eponym album of the band Richards/Crane!

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Update soon !

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The work occupied me a lot, so it’s hard for me to put some new stuff on the blog…but stay tuned !!!!
Soon you will find :
– album review of Battle For The Sun from Placebo and Hesitation Mark the new Nine Inch Nail’s CD (Yeeeaahhh 🙂 )
– plus a review of Supernatural (a TV show if you don’t know)
– and fresh news about the 2nd book of Heaven Infinity !!!!
of cource all articles in french and english (with traduction of old articles)

So stick around 😉
Meanwhile, a nice video to get to sleep,
Good night ! 😉


(the video is a cover of the track sleepwalking from the last Bring me the horizon CD, made by This Wild Life, enjoy 😉 )