Dustin Kensrue knows also in solo how to fill us with wonder through his third album!

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Dustin Kensrue
Album : Carry The Fire (2015)

Who are they?
In this case, “Who is he?” 🙂
Dustin Michael Kensrue for those who didn’t know him, is the front man and guitarist of Thrice, a post-hardcore/experimental/progressive rock band from California.
In 2007, he started his solo career with his first album Please Come Home, The Water and The Blood in 2013 and come back in 2015 with this third delivery, Carry The Fire!


Which Style?
The guitar is clearly the main instrument in his solo journey, but an acoustic folk guitar 🙂 He is in a rock, indie-rock or even indie-folk mood. It’s soft, simple but well elaborated. We can easily imagine him playing in a barn with his friends, everyone siting on the straw. This is his style 😉


Musical sample!
Like always, there is so much possibilities, I could have put here the all album 🙂 It’s really wonderful and have to be listen in full with no break between songs. But I have to choose one song to make you discover Dustin’s universe, it’s the game so let’s try “Of Crows and Crowns”, a very beautiful song where he speaks about his wife. For me it’s an excellent peace of this album. It’s your turn to listen and tell me what you think about it 😉

What I think about it?
Ok, so, I promise that I’m going to try to not write a full novel 😉

The production is a stunning beauty, every pieces is elaborated at the highest point, but we can imagine a perfect transposition from the studio to the stage.
The style stay completely in an acoustic rock/folk vibe. The piano is very present in a lot of songs (Ruby, Of Crows and Crowns, What Beautiful Things). There is even some harmonica, but the guitar have the big part in this album.
We can easily see the Thrice touch (mostly from Beggars and Major/Minor albums) behind some songs (like Gallows), after all, Dustin is the lead singer, so I think it’s totally normal to have this sensation.
In solo, he explore musical ways already taken by Thrice, with rock songs (In The Darkness) but he also try to go on some other ways as with danceable songs (Death or Glory), or completely strip down tracks like the stunning, and dark, There is Something Dark Inside of Me, which is for me the most beautiful song of this album. It gives me chills, I really love this song, very touching and I can’t stop singing along with Dustin.
At least it’s the effect it has on me 🙂 It’s the most beautiful song Dustin ever made in solo.
The song Carry The Fire distinguish itself from the others with a magical aspect, captivating, and even with a small preacher filling, slightly religious, and totally wonderful. There is almost only Dustin’s voice during the first two minutes of the track, before taking us off the earth with a flight of lyricism completely overwhelming. It’s a melodic whirl in which we are sucked up!
He pushes his voice with no violence but only power, taking us in the way, just before finishing with a softness ending for this track. Enclosing in a memorable way this album! 🙂
The album Carry The Fire is full of gentleness, beauty, poetry and love. It warm up my heart each time I listen it 🙂


Do I recommend it?
Absolutely, and without moderation!
Dustin Kensrue brings us a wonderful and powerful piece with Carry The Fire, showing his incredible composition and interpretation ability. The album is full of memorable melodies which will stick to your mind for days. Those songs are going in different directions, trying various styles but everything is totally coherent, with rock songs and really soft songs. I am completely in love of his voice.
With his solo adventures he shows another side of him, generally more peaceful than Thrice, but I really like it, and I’m sure you will! 😉
Carry The Fire is a concentrate of happiness and gives me a smile each time I listen it 🙂 It deserve 18/20. It’s an album to put in all hands because it will enlighten your day!


And you? What did you thought about this?

Enjoy 😉
See you soon!
Desmond Andrew Green

To go take a look!


PS1. A live acoustic album is also available since the 18th of March. It’s a live acoustic cover album with songs from Brand New, Cold War Kids and Counting Crows among other bands. In my case, it’s on my list, so don’t hesitate to do the same 😉
PS2. Do not hesitate to comment, like and share. I will be happy to discuss with you about this singer 😉

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