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Letlive, THE band that everyone need to listen ! The SNOT legacy !

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This week, we are going to welcome a new “album review” post, and not least!
Let’s talk about the last album of LETLIVE!!!!!! The master piece The Blackest Beautiful!

But, first of all, let’s talk about their history.
Letlive appeared in 2002 in Los Angeles and brings to life a first EP in 2003 “Exhaustion, Saltwater, and Everything in Between”, interesting first shoot but really difficult to handle. They offer a sound ranging from a post-hardore style to an alternative metal, with also hardcore punk and experimental rock influence. (like Deftones, Slayer, or Refused)

It’s after a line-up change, especially with the arrival of Jason Aalon Alexander Butler for the vocalist place, that everything starting to move in the right way.
The released a first album “Speak Like You Talk” in 2005, a really impressive work. Still with a lot of things that need to be change, but it’s an interesting draft of what they are capable of.
The real strike is made with the second album « Fake History » in 2009. It’s a step, an incredible evolution relative to the first album. Still a little messy and too aggressive sometimes, it’s however an unbelievable gap. So many songs that I’m crazy about in this album, like “The Sick, Sick, 6.8 billion”, “Renegade 86”, “Enemies[Enemigos]”, “Muther” (the most handful of the album with “Lemon Party”), “Homeless Jazz”, “Day 54”. To be clearer, it’s among album I listen really often.

Moreover, this second delivery allow them to touring intensively, even in Europe. A funny story is that they were signed to Epitaph thanks to the leader of Bring Me The Horizon (Oliver Sykes) who contact the label after watching them perform at a single concert in 2008. Letlive can make incredible songs, but they are unbelievable on stage (unfortunately I didn’t seen them, but it’s on my musical dream list 😉 ).They are pretty famous about their scenic performance, so intense and crazy. Apparently Jason often destroy the equipment, often injuring himself :p
You can see clearly in the video clip below (Casino Colombus) that this man (Jason) is totally insane… I love this!

Finally, after touring a lot in USA, European, Australia, they delivered a third album, “The Blackest Beautiful”, on July 9 2013 and get general positive critical reception. And what an awesome album they give to us.
I heard about this band in a magazine (rockmag I think). It was the album of the month. Then, I don’t know why, but I order the album on Amazon without trying to listen even one song. When I push the play button on my Stereo, it was a revelation.

Honestly, I have bought this album on august 2013, and since then I listen it at least between five and ten times each month, even more. If I had to characterize their last production, great, touching, amazing, violent, melodic, sad, fast, brutal, mesmerizing… If you start to listen this band and especially their last album, it will not be possible for you to live without then 😉

This TBB album is full of master pieces, “Banshee (Ghost Fame)”, “White America’s Beautiful Black Market”, “Dreamer’s Disease”, “That Fear Fever”, “Virgin Dirt” (Favorite), “Younger”, “Pheromone Cvlt”(Favorite), “27 Club”, I could mention all the album :p

The music is really inhabited. Mixing soft and brutal parts with the perfect accuracy. But the most important part is Jason. You know, there is so much violence, sadness, and despair in his voice. It gives me chills when I heard him. The voice is the most precious piece of a band, and they find a gold voice with the emotion we can fill through the vocal delivery of Jason. Furthermore, with lyrics topics about infidelity, culture, greed and corruption among other things, this band can reach the heart of everyone.

For me, they are the Legacy of SNOT. The same mix of influences, of sounds, of emotions. SNOT is a band dead to young, so I wish a very long life to Letlive, because they deserve it!
You have to listen them, and it take time, but at the end, you will be crazy about this band!

I give them a 19/20, yes really, so close to the perfect album… but the perfection doesn’t exist, isn’t she? 😉

Enjoy the sound, and don’t hesitate to leave a comment, I will be happy to answer you 😉

PS. Go check their official facebook