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My first English article, « Weekly music video » with Black Light Burns

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So, let’s start with English articles!
And what could be better for a beginning than a “weekly music video”;)

The choice has not be so easy, I listen so many band, with a lot of different style. Listening more than a hundreds of band and singer does not ease my way to choose. The decision was complicated but I managed to find the good candidate.
However, don’t be too sad are angry again me, there will be more weeks (I hope :p), so I will have a lot of possibilities to published a lot of different band video clip. There will be something for ears of everyone 😉

This week (drumroll), I have chosen Black light Burns!!!!
Yeah, Mr. Wes Borland’s band!

This band was a real personal revelation, an amazing discover (on Jonathan Davis’s Myspace, yes, you read well, Korn’s singer). After a first incredible album “Cruel melody”, a CD/DVD album of face B and covers, and a concept album “Lotus Island” (realized like an original soundtrack of a movie that does not exit lol but a really good album anyway), they came back with a second delivery named « The moment you realize you’re going to fall », and It was a fucking blast my friends!!!
This second dose is far beyond the first album. I could speak hours about this band that’s why I will publish a full article about this tremendous band and his outstanding front man Wes Borland! (I really don’t know when I will publish this article… one day :p)

In brief, for this article we are going to focus on the first era of this band, i.e., the first album « Cruel Melody » (an upcoming « weekly music video » will deal with the second era, the album “The moment you realize you’re going to fall”).

On of a most amazing song of the first album is « Lie », with a Nine inch nails’s influence (Danny Lohner signature…), this song is especially dark, offer a really good tempo, with a crazy mesmerizing sound that obliged you to headbang and sing in the same time!
That’s why I have chosen this one for a first “weekly music video”!

An explosive song, whose I will never get bored!
Ok, it’s now! The moment when clic on « PLAY » my friends 😉


PS. Don’t be shy and leave a comment 😉 I will be happy to answer you! And if you want to know more about this incredible band, you can clic HERE to take a look to their official website.