« Weekly music video » post with the band Hurt and both songs Rapture and House Carpenter

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Here we go again!!!
It’s already the end of the week so let’s go for another « weekly music video » post!

The choice is really significant. The goal of those kinds of post is to introduce you a band that I like to listen, allowing me to feel something special, and preferably realized a video which worth the shoot.

This time, we are going to see a video clip from the band Hurt. Pretty much unknown, whether in Europe or in United-States.
It was created in 2000, but it’s only in 2006 that I heard about them for the first time. It was thanks to an advertising mail from a label that I forgot the name.
It was very brief « a new band, their first album is going to be available soon, here you can see the first video clip ». The song was Rapture and was the first single from their first album named Vol.1.
I was so surprised and impressed, firstly by the style. This band had a Grunge sound that I didn’t heard for a while. There was a sadness, and a violent almost tangible and mixed together in the J. Loren Wince voice (lead singer, singer, guitarist and violinist in the band. Yes, you read well, there is violin, not just to seem trendy).
The second point which stricken me from this video clip was the design. No band members on the screen, everything was an animation short movie like if everything was in paper, but with style and poetry.
Unfortunately, I didn’t managed to find this famous video on Youtube.
So, that’s why I have chosen another song of their debut album, House Carpenter. Just as skinned alive as Rapture song, and with the same kind of design. Really beautiful song and video clip.
I advise you to wait well the end of the clip, even after the black screen.

This band as a huge potential, unluckily, like fore a lot of gifted bands, they don’t managed to reach the notoriety they deserve, and they stay in the shadow. Only a few of people know them, despite already six albums, they did not managed to find the light, but they really deserved it believe me!
(Even if they never succeed to achieve the level of the first album with the five others)

So, if you like the song, the sound, the spirit of their lyrics, don’t hesitate and buy their amazing albums! They truly worth it 😉

So, now it’s the time to discover their sound. You have to click on « PLAY » to hear the sound of House Carpenter from Hurt.
See you next week 😉


PS. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment 😉 And if you want to know more about this incredible band, you can click HERE for their official website and HERE for their official Facebook!

Ok, so between the French version of this post and this English version I managed to find the video clip of Rapture, so enjoy this little Bonus, the official clip for the song Rapture and his acoustic version 😉