Venom, un stand-alone pas si mal que ça et qui arrive à étonner.

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Aujourd’hui c’est cinéma avec l’anti-héros du moment, Venom ! Premier film dédié à ce personnage iconique sans l’appui de son rival Spider-Man. Gros pari, vaguement réussi.

Une bande annonce pour poser le décor.

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« X-Men Days of Future Past », mutants traveling in time to fixe mistakes of first movies, you have to see that!

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After an article about X-Men First Class few month ago, here it comes a little article (at least I am going to try to give you something not too long, I have to admit sometime I am a little bit overwhelmed by my ideas, and I write too much stuff) about the famous X-Men Days Of Future Past. But before, what about a trailer to please our eyes 😉

Release in May of this year, with Bryan Singer behind the camera like for X-Men First Class, we found this time the cast of the last movie and also some of the older for an epic episode!


So, I am going to be as clear as possible about the story. In the future, robots named Sentinels, eradicate mutants and humans. Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page), Storm (Halle Berry), Bishop (Omar Sy), Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart), Magneto (Ian Mc Kellen) (and few others that I forget the name 🙂 ) find refuge in a Chinese monastery, trying desperately to escape from Sentinels. After losing almost hope, they tried a last think by sending (thanks to the Kitty Pryde power) the Wolverine’s mind in the past, and more precisely in the Wolverine’s body of the year 1973 to attempt to stop Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) to kill Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage) the designer of the Sentinels. This murder bring to the arrest of Mystique whose DNA was used to upgrade Sentinels to give them the ability to adapt themselves to their enemy, mutants. They became almost invincible. This event cause the destruction of mutants, but also of humans, because those machines where created to eradicate the X gene (the reason why mutants exist) and decided to destroy the gene at the source, which is every human being (because according the mythology, every human carry this gene but it is not necessarily active).
In this condition, Wolverine try to find a way in the past to team up the young Magneto (Michael Fassbender) and Professor Xavier (James McAvoy) in order to help him to stop Mystique and change the past to avoid the dark future happened.


A lot of good ideas and good intensions, so we could only expected a success, and it was exactly what we get, a tremendous super-heroes movie! (you have to admit, you were thinking that I will say the opposite 😉 ) It is quite clear now that 20th Century Fox understood that the Marvel Universe is bankable if they think two minute of what they are doing, and Bryan Singer is the man for the job! With this new X-Men we do not get bored at all, not even a second.
First of all, the dark future and the human life dedicated to be erased from the surface of the earth is really well put in place. It is totally believable, and we share the fear that survivors fell. Beside, all along the movie there is flash-forward (or flashback it depend where you are taking your reference… I know, it is strange but it is a movie about time travel, don’t complain 😉 ) on this apocalyptic future and the tension is almost tangible during more than two hours of movie.

The second important point, really important, is the story, because it’s stand up, it is believable (of course if you considered that mutant exist 😉 ). We understand everything, it is not to messy, and well organized. It is a real pleasure. THE lack for all the three first movies (before first class) was a good clear story, and they understood that a worked script (at least a little) doesn’t hurt anyone. We want to know what appended to get this dark future, how Wolverine is going to gathered all this people against a common enemy. The script is as good as for First Class, even better.
Concerning the cast, it is quite nice to see again all those people, a lot of actors from the three first movies and of course all the cast (almost) from the First Class movie. With of course the incomparable Hugh Jackman wearing the claws of Wolverine, appealing and bluffing than ever. Generally I am not like this but I am going be patriotic for once, Omar Sy is really so cool staring as Bishop but why so few on the screen? We only see him briefly. What a pity, I hope he will be back for the next X-Men with more time on the screen (yes, you read well, It will be surprising if you are not aware of that, but yes there will be another episode for 2016).


The last point I would like to discuss, and it is really an astonishing one, if you give attention a little and think about what append during this movie, you will realize that DOFP managed to create a link between all the past movies and create a tangible universe. With this movie, the 20th century fox managed indeed to put in place a common universe, and succeed to make us forget the mess of the three first movies in order to start on good foundations. And for that I said to them Bravo, it is a master move.

In summary, this new X-Men movie is a real success, moreover with dollars at the end of the road, around 750 million for a budget of 200, I think it is a nice result.
I have to admit, at the beginning, when I heard about this project I did not really believe in it, First Class was good but maybe an accident along the way, but they proved I was wrong, DOFP is a super heroes movie as good as Iron Man and his friends (of course if you like super heroes movies). I gave him a score of a good 16/20.
If you like super heroes’ movies, and Hugh Jackman ;), DOFP is for you without hesitations. Believe me, go for it meanwhile the next delivery in 2016!


PS. Warning SPOILER!!!

Let’s get back briefly on that parenthesis made earlier in this article, yes my dear brothers and sisters, another chapter is on the way! 😉 X-Men Apocalypse! The first stone of this movie was establish at the end of the movie DOFP with a post-generique scene. We can see a crowd of people (in the old Egypt) worshiping a man with a blue skin, and all those people saying « En Sabah Nur » while this man is building the pyramids of Gizeh with a telekinetic power. In the background, four horse men standing and looking at the scene. So it is quite clear, I am sure that you get the idea, this En Sabah Nur is none other man than the mighty powerful mutant Apocalypse with his four horse men of Apocalypse. So this next episode is full of promises, and it is on a way to be one of the most epic X-Men and superheroes movie!