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Thor the dark world done ;)

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Yesterday I went to the cinema to see the brand new avengers film with the mighty Thor ! Amazing come back ! The film is style a viking/shakespeare/funny/contemporary/super-heroe movie, we don’t see the time going away and at the end we want more. A really big « bravo » to loki (tom hiddleston) who play a legendary bad guy that we all loving to hate 🙂 Thor (chris hemsworth), odin (anthony hopkins) and jane foster (natalie portman) are of course still amazing with a bigest part for odin, jane and even for frigga (rene russo). I really recommand this movie and give a 17/20
Of course there was post-generique scene, and this time two like for avengers 1. A first scene introducting a next marvel film (no spoiler) and I will just say can’t wait to see it, it will be galactical :p and the second scene is the real conclusion for the film ! To conclued Thor 2 is good, really good, marvel played well with this new film, can’t wait for captaine america and the winter soldier and the guardians of the galaxy ! I love marvel’s movies !!!!!