live show

Nine Inch Nails live show from the Tension tour 2013, what could I say excepte it’s recommend by every doctor for a good musical health ;)

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Everytime I listen Nine Inch Nails and the voice of Trent Reznor I have goosebumps, I’m really a big fan of this band, and I could say that it’s one of my favorite band !
This show is really amazing, with an incredible production (crazy light effects) and we can find all songs we know with some new like copy of A in introduction (great moment), march of the pigs, piggy, all time low, disapointed, come back haunted, sanctified (an old one really cool and rearranged), in two, the big come down, the hand that feeds one of my favorite, head like a hole, hurt…

I hope I could see them again one day !
Love this band and all there songs ! Long life to them 🙂

I recommend the live 😉
Enjoy and don’t hesitate to let a comment !