15 years and it looks like it was yesterday, RIP James Lynn Strait, RIP Dobbs

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Yesterday was an important anniversary, James Lynn Strait the famous singer of the emblematic band SNOT died in a car accident on December 11 1998 at the age of 30 with his dog Dobbs (the group’s mascot that you can see on their only one album « get some »). He is gone 15 years ago and it still in the heart of everyone who was touched by his music and his voice. SNOT was one of the most important band in my life, and it will remind me so many good souvenirs. It will stay one of my favorite band forever. We miss you Lynn !

RIP James Lynn Strait and RIP Dobbs !

I recommend to everyone to go listening the album « get some » and the tribute album « Strait up » with many guests and the only one song he has recorded for the second album , before the car accident, « Absent » which is beautiful !