« it’s good to tell a story, and even better when people actually want to listen » Stephen King

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15 years and it looks like it was yesterday, RIP James Lynn Strait, RIP Dobbs

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Yesterday was an important anniversary, James Lynn Strait the famous singer of the emblematic band SNOT died in a car accident on December 11 1998 at the age of 30 with his dog Dobbs (the group’s mascot that you can see on their only one album « get some »). He is gone 15 years ago and it still in the heart of everyone who was touched by his music and his voice. SNOT was one of the most important band in my life, and it will remind me so many good souvenirs. It will stay one of my favorite band forever. We miss you Lynn !

RIP James Lynn Strait and RIP Dobbs !

I recommend to everyone to go listening the album « get some » and the tribute album « Strait up » with many guests and the only one song he has recorded for the second album , before the car accident, « Absent » which is beautiful !


Nine Inch Nails live show from the Tension tour 2013, what could I say excepte it’s recommend by every doctor for a good musical health ;)

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Everytime I listen Nine Inch Nails and the voice of Trent Reznor I have goosebumps, I’m really a big fan of this band, and I could say that it’s one of my favorite band !
This show is really amazing, with an incredible production (crazy light effects) and we can find all songs we know with some new like copy of A in introduction (great moment), march of the pigs, piggy, all time low, disapointed, come back haunted, sanctified (an old one really cool and rearranged), in two, the big come down, the hand that feeds one of my favorite, head like a hole, hurt…

I hope I could see them again one day !
Love this band and all there songs ! Long life to them 🙂

I recommend the live 😉
Enjoy and don’t hesitate to let a comment !


Video of the week !!! A french singer Lussi with her band « Lussi in the sky »

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Finally I take the time to publish another article, and what could be better than a new video to start again the « video of the week » topic !!!

So, it’s time to discover « Lussi in the sky » a french singer (ex-mypollux singer) for her new clip for the song « c’est la vie » the first single of her new album « Nebula » (release the 13th of january).

Really cool song, fun, crazy, all I love in the Lussi in the sky’s world 🙂
Don’t hesitate to tell me what you think about the clip and the song !

Enjoy 😉


Song of the day !

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I’m a big fan of the french band Aqme, so, after being at the Indochine concert (another french band) I thought it will be cool to share with you a really amazing song they maid together « aujourd’hui je pleure » by Indochine and Aqme !
Enjoy !

Let me know what you think about this song or those bands 😉

Thor the dark world done ;)

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Yesterday I went to the cinema to see the brand new avengers film with the mighty Thor ! Amazing come back ! The film is style a viking/shakespeare/funny/contemporary/super-heroe movie, we don’t see the time going away and at the end we want more. A really big « bravo » to loki (tom hiddleston) who play a legendary bad guy that we all loving to hate 🙂 Thor (chris hemsworth), odin (anthony hopkins) and jane foster (natalie portman) are of course still amazing with a bigest part for odin, jane and even for frigga (rene russo). I really recommand this movie and give a 17/20
Of course there was post-generique scene, and this time two like for avengers 1. A first scene introducting a next marvel film (no spoiler) and I will just say can’t wait to see it, it will be galactical :p and the second scene is the real conclusion for the film ! To conclued Thor 2 is good, really good, marvel played well with this new film, can’t wait for captaine america and the winter soldier and the guardians of the galaxy ! I love marvel’s movies !!!!!


Ugly Kid Joe ! Vid of the day !

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Ungly Kid Joe acoustic show in glasgow from the last month. Love this band, mostly the voice of whit, amazing ! I want to see them in live !!!!! 😉

Video of the week, enjoy,